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Julia Louiza

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Julia Louiza is a remarkable talented Actress, Model, Comedian, and Voice Over artist perfect for your upcoming roles. Already a hit in America, Cyprus, and the U.K., Julia is taking on the world. Available for booking for nearly every kind of role, part, or gig.  With dozens of parts and roles already, it's easy to see why such an extraordinary talent is in such great demand, all over the world.   Here you'll find all of Julia's most recent work.  If you want all the latest info, this is the place to be.   Get the scoop on Julia's exciting new projects!

Julia is much more than just a talented performer. She is also a novelist. Her novel, "Fat Girl Slim," describes both the decadence and dangers of the world of 80's power brokers in the financial market.  Highlighting the effect of rampant abuse of power and influence in the life of one impressionable, talented young woman, and the cost of playing in such turbulent waters.  "Fat Girl Slim," is a powerful read with a deep counter-current of circumspection in the face of peril. 


Julia in the News

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Hellbent for Hollywood -- Vote for Julia Louiza

A new and exciting reality show for actors is causing a ripple in the entertainment business. American Idol meets Survivor. Will this show over-ride the incredible and successful Amercian Idol reign. This is "Hellbent for Hollywood."

Hollywood, CA (PRWEB) August 17, 2009 -- British born, Julia Louiza an established international TV host in Europe has been cast to pursue her lifetime dream to succeed in Hollywood. This new reality show has got everyone buzzed. The brains behind this project Mitchell-Markewych Casting has been in development for several years to perfect a reality show like no other.

Instead of making the reality subjects look like fools they want to help them succeed.

There are many talented actors and actresses out there who haven't been "in the right place at the right time" to increase their highest potential. Hellbent for Hollywood is that place.

One hundred excited and talented subjects will be competing with each other for that ultimate prize. The key to Hollywood stardom.

Julia louiza needs your votes. Please vote for her at www.hellbentforhollywood.com

All the votes will be used as her Q-factor, this will enable Julia to succeed ahead of her competitors. These votes act as a "Get out of Jail free" card. With that Julia will be able to use this in order to get out of a task or elimination.


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